2 weeks ago
The importance of books and Iowa for 2020 candidates

An Iowa book club is reading 16 books by the 2020 Democratic presidential candidates before the Iowa caucuses. That's 5,000 pages.

2 weeks ago
Buttigieg rakes in $24.8M in second quarter fundraising

Pete Buttigieg raised $24.8M in second quarter fundraising, up from $7M in the first quarter.

2 weeks ago
Medicare for All vs. Universal Health Care

WATCH: Ali Velshi explains the differences between Medicare for All and Universal Health Care proposals.

2 weeks ago
What’s next for US-North Korea negotiations?

Pres. Trump said he'd "absolutely" invite Kim Jong Un to the White House.

2 weeks ago
Hunter Biden opens up about addiction in new interview

In a candid new interview Hunter Biden, Joe Biden's son, opens up about addiction, divorce, lobbying, and more.

2 weeks ago
Hong Kong police fire tear gas at protesters

Hong Kong police in riot gear fired tear gas at protesters after demonstrators smashed their way into the government's main chamber. nbcnews.to/2xpAA5X

Bill Neely reports from Hong Kong.

2 weeks ago
'Deeply disappointing': Trump gives MBS 'a pass'

Pres. Trump defends Saudi Crown Prince bin Salman, saying "nobody so far has pointed directly a finger" at him for killing of Jamal Khashoggi.

In Nov, CIA concluded bin Salman ordered the killing. ... See more

2 weeks ago
Symbolism over substance: Trump steps into N. Korea

Jeremy Bash on Pres. Trump meeting with Kim Jong Un: "It's symbolism over substance right now. I think the question is it harmless or is it harmful?"

2 weeks ago
Significance of Iran breaching uranium stockpile limit from nuclear deal

Iran's uranium stockpile has exceeded the limit set by 2015 nuclear deal, which Pres. Trump withdrew from.

2 weeks ago
Is fear motivating evangelical support for Trump?

Robert Costa on why evangelicals support Pres. Trump: "Trump has made made a case to them...If you want to make sure judges who are conservative are nominated to federal bench, then you have to stick ... See more

Time columnist David French joins Morning Joe to discuss the president's relationship with evangelicals.

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