2 weeks ago
Church of England's first black woman bishop calls for more minority leaders

"I am Caribbean, I am Jamaican and I am a child of God."

2 weeks ago
Lesbian kiss in Crimean play criticised

A video of a scene in which two women kiss has sparked a row on Russian social media.

2 weeks ago
Hong Kong riot police charge protesters

Tensions have risen as Hong Kong riot police fired tear gas and charged protesters in the street after demonstrators gained access to the Legislative Council building. bbc.in/2J3iei3

2 weeks ago
Wild beavers reintroduced to boost flood defences

Britain's beavers died out 400 years ago. Could a comeback save your home from flooding?

(via BBC Politics) bbc.in/2IM1FqE

2 weeks ago
Hong Kong protesters storm and deface parliament

Protesters have smashed their way into Hong Kong's parliament chamber, spray-painted the walls and raised the British colonial flag.

2 weeks ago
Hong Kong protests

Protesters have tied the British colonial flag to a podium in Hong Kong's legislature and sprayed graffiti on the walls, after smashing their way into main government building.


2 weeks ago
Transgender skater fighting to compete

“I’d like people to understand that I’m a girl.”

This 11-year-old is a prize-winning roller-skater. She is transgender and fighting to compete among girls.


2 weeks ago
Rescue captain feared suicide aboard migrant ship

The German captain of a charity ship said she disobeyed orders not to dock in Italy because she "feared it would lead to suicides."

2 weeks ago
Cliff Richard, Paul Gambaccini and Stephen Fry launch sex offence anonymity campaign

"There are actually two crises - one is a sex abuse crisis and the other is a false allegation crisis," said Gambaccini.

2 weeks ago
Iran has breached enriched uranium limit - sources

Iran has breached a limit on its stockpile of enriched uranium set under a 2015 nuclear deal with world powers, sources say.

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