Drew Cywinski, 25, and another winner from Brevard County smoked some K2 together, K2 is synthetic marijuana, sometimes referred to as spice. Once these two were sufficiently fake-high, they went to Cywinski’s house, where his friend found a piece of pizza on a table and started eating it. Cywinski, a terrible host who should never invite anyone over (and could probably use some housekeeping around his house if there’s random slices of pizza just hanging out) became angry and attacked his friend, breaking a golf club over the other man’s head, hitting him with a mop handle, and then cut him across the chest with a five inch knife. The friend was able to escape the house and ride away on his bicycle, while Cywinski chased him yelling “I’m going to kill you.” Cywinski has been arrested and is being charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon.




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